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With barely 700 practicing Rheumatologists in the country pursuing a career in rheumatology may be an exciting option and daunting as well…

Remember This:-

  • The state of Gujarat has just 6 Rheumatologists at present. Just “6” for a state this size. Though there quite a few budding Rheumatologists in training at the moment and so the number may increase by 2013 to 2014 the overall impact is hardly expected to be significant considering the population of the state.
  • Similarly the state of Madhya Pradesh has 2 (Two only) at present. A pathetic the net result is that we have less than 10 new specialists coming out each year. We desperately need many more and fast…
  • While this may sound great because there are so few that you would expect that you would quickly achieve name and fame and make pots full of money and very little competition. However there are a few caveats:
  1. Patients do not even know what is Rheumatology and who a Rheumatologist is…
  2. Most Orthopedicians are not yet open enough to refer their Rheumatic cases to you.
  3. Alternative medicine is widely followed in India and a lot of Alternative medicine practitioners claim to be able to “cure” Rheumatic diseases and that too without any chance of side effects hence patients first go to them and then come to us after the bubble of Illusion has burst and joint damage has already begun.
  4. There is an Inherent fear in the minds of people that Allopathic drugs would have side effects. This fear has been further fuelled by alternative medicine practitioners hence and not exactly eager to rush to a Rheumatologist at the first sign of joint pains.

Once you have overcome all the above obstacles and patients begin to appreciate your work and dedication, the word will spread from the mouth of one grateful patient to another. And then they will flock in after which you will need to deal with the overflow… Then there is a good chance you will be exhausted with the workload. The solution to this problem is to have more rheumatologists and this is not happening at the pace required considering our population. We, at Kennisha are doing our bit to contribute towards improving on the standard of care for patients with rheumatic diseases. We train candidates aspiring for a career in rheumatology. The minimum criteria required to apply are:

  1. Post graduate degree in Internal Medicine (either MD or DNB)
  2. Willingness to train for a Candidates hailing from the Interiors of any state would be given preference if they plan to go back to their native cities/Talukas or even villages. A stipend would be provided to sustain you while in training. There is an urgent need in states like MP, Gujarat, Orissa . Candidates from theses states are encouraged to apply. Selection would be on the basis of personal Interview.

    Job Opportunities at Kennisha

    Kennisha has staff strength of about 14 people:

    1. Receptionists – 2
    2. Laboratory Technicians – 2
    3. X ray Technicians – 1
    4. Office boys /girls – 2
    5. Nurse – 1
    6. Clinical Research Coordinator (May be a Doctor or a paramedic with certified training in clinical research) – 1
    7. Registrar (Doctor with MD qualification) – 1
    8. Physiotherapist – 1
    9. Pharmacist – 2
    10. Dietitian – 1

    Kennisha has a healthy working atmosphere where staff members are encouraged to express themselves and give their views towards improvement in patient care and express reservations if any.   However there is also strict code of conduct in terms of honesty and work ethic. Corruption and sexual harassment amongst the staff is absolutely unacceptable and would result in immediate termination.   Salaries are commensurate with the prevailing rate. Additionally talent and dedication is suitably rewarded.   If you feel you would like to be a part of the Kennisha family then do get in touch with us either by phone or email.