Welcome to Kennisha Rheumatology care & diagnostics


Kennisha Rheumatology care & Diagnostics is a center exclusively dedicated to the evaluation and management of patients suffering from Rheumatic diseases. Kennisha is a fully computerized paperless clinic equipped with a state of the art fully automated pathology laboratory, a digital X ray and a fully equipped pharmacy dedicated to fulfilling the needs of patients with chronic and disabling rheumatic diseases. With two full time senior consultant rheumatologists (Dr Kaushik S. Bhojani & Dr Shubhada Kalke) and a dedicated full time pathologist (Dr (Mrs.) Neelu K. Bhojani) at its helm and other allied services being provided by visiting faculties such as an expert physiotherapist and a dietitian, Kennisha is a one stop solution for patients with chronically painful and disabling disorders. The word “Kennisha” means a beautiful life. In this case, the name is also representative of the three founders of this one of its kind center for rheumatic diseases (Kaushik, Neelu and Shubhada), who nurtured this dream to make their patients lives beautiful and also contribute to the world of Rheumatology by doing clinical research so as to help improve the long term prognosis of such patients.

Advantages for Patients with Rheumatic Diseases at Kennisha:

  • A patient makes a single visit to the center and only has to arrive only one hour before the consultation time. Whilst the patient is sitting and sipping his coffee the reports are all ready and handed over to the patient during his /her consultation along with his prescription.
  • Prescriptions are computerized with their pharmacological contents mentioned in brackets as well as instructions on how to take the medications. This greatly reduces the chances of errors both by the chemist while dispensing medications as well as by the patient while taking them.
  • Since a pharmacy is available on site the patient has the ease of buying his stock of medications on the spot, understanding his prescription from the pharmacist and also having his or her doubts cleared. Thus, the patient walks out with his prescription his reports and also his stock of medicines all at one go.
  • A copy of all the medical records the blood reports and X rays is also maintained in our computers. So when you call for any reason your records are all in front of us to enable us to provide you with appropriate guidance.
  • In case of other specialist referrals such names, contact details are provided and if feasible an appointment is also arranged for the patient.
  • In case the patient needs the help of a physiotherapist or a dietitian then that is also arranged for the patient either on the spot or at another convenient time.
  • Records are analyzed by the consultant rheumatologist to study trends of various rheumatic diseases and study feasibility of other newer treatment options.

The idea is to provide all round treatment under one roof and improve the patient’s quality of life. So that, our patients smile and so do their families.

Remember: The word “Kennisha”means a beautiful life. We, at Kennisha wish to add beauty to your life…..