Pricing Policy

Details of Approximate charges for the services will be provided to you beforehand.


Typically, the Fees/charges range from INR 1500 to 50,000 depending on the services required by the patients.


An appointment for consultation, whether physical or teleconsultation, will be deemed to be provisional (unconfirmed) until the fees have been deposited through any of the avenues provided.

a. In case of Teleconsultations, in order to secure a “confirmed appointment”, the entire consultation fee amount will have to be paid in advance.

b.In case of physical consultation, in order to secure a “confirmed appointment”, 50% of the consultation fees will have to be paid in advance.

c.Pathology Tests and other services apart from consultation, will be initiated for processing, only after a minimum of 50% of the charges have been paid. The balance payment will have to be paid at the time of report collection/consultation.


Refunds, if any, of the aforementioned amounts, are subject to the refund policy of Kennisha Rheumatology care and diagnostics (see Refund Policy)


For further queries please contact our front desk on 022 24330400 / 24330500, Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 7 PM.