How it works



  • Booking a consultation appointment (teleconsultation/physical consultation) on the web: (Launching Soon)

When you click on the website in order to book an appointment  

  1. The site will ask you to select either New patient / Existing patient. 
  2. If new patient, please fill in your basic details (name, age, number etc) in the form. 
  3. In case of existing patients, the site will ask you to input your MR No. (Medical record number/file number).
  4. An OTP will be sent to you for successful authentication.
  5. Upon OTP confirmation, you will be asked to select whether you wish to seek a Telemedicine consultation or a physical consultation at Kennisha Rheumatology Care and Diagnostics. 

Please note: Teleconsultation facility is only available for existing patients not for new patients.

1.Existing patients will then be asked to choose whether this is a follow up / a report consultation. 

(Reports consultation slot is available only up to 15 days after the last consultation)

2.Next you will be asked your choice of Consultant 

a.Dr Kaushik S. Bhojani

b.Dr Shubhada J. Kalke

  1. The scheduler will open and show you available slots according to your selection (point e).
  2. Once you have indicated your choice of slot you will be given a PROVISIONAL appointment which will be confirmed only subject to payment of charges though the gateway link available on the site.
  3. Once Payment has been made you will get confirmation of payment along with confirmation of selected slot.


  • Booking a teleconsultation consultation appointment on phone:

Alternatively, you can call up the clinic on the landline numbers (022 2433 0400/ 2433 0500) or the clinic mobile number (9220 961 020) and request an appointment as usual and the receptionist will then send you a payment link by SMS for a “confirmed appointment”.


  • Undergoing a Teleconsultation after appointment confirmation:

Please note: you will have to send us your latest blood reports by email 24 hours prior to your confirmed appointment. 

a. These tests are written on your prescription. You can confirm these on the landline numbers with the receptionist. 

b.Make sure you undergo these tests 3 days prior to your appointment so that reports are available to us one day prior to your consultation.

c.Only tests processed at NABL approved laboratories such as Metropolis, SRL or Dr Phadkes labs will be accepted

    1. You will be sent a link by text message for teleconsultation, 10 minutes before the consultation time. 
    2. On accessing the link, you will be admitted into the waiting queue for your turn.
    3. On completion of the prior consultation, the Consultant will join you on screen for Consultation and advice, which is of 15 min duration.
    4. After reviewing your condition and checking relevant blood reports online you will be given oral advice.
    5. This will be followed by a prescription by email in the evening or next morning
    6. In case of an unsteady/poor internet connection, the doctor will attempt to connect with you again, for two attempts.
    7. In case relevant advice has been conveyed already then, a prescription will be sent to you. In case of failure to establish a good connection preventing any kind of conversation, your consultation will be rescheduled as the doctor deems necessary.