Eligible for marriage but have a rheumatic disease?

1. Worried about who will accept you once you declare that you have a chronic disorder and will require long term medications?

2. Worried about disappointing your partner by not being able to manage family responsibilities on bad days,when you require bed rest?

3. Worried about difficulties in family planning?

4. Conflicted between parent’s decision to conceal your illness so that you may get a suitable match, and your own conscience about cheating someone?

Well, let us offer you another viewpoint. It takes someone in pain to understand another fellow sufferer. Find yourself an appropriate partner someone who has suffered a chronic illness and is fighting it alone just like you. Someone, who like you, longs for company and understanding of the illness and needs support. Someone, who is fighting for their rightful share of happiness.

And then there is nothing to hide. No broken trust, complete honesty and a bond which grows stronger and stronger each day. Love, born out of support and care, for one and other, through the bad phases. Once that happens, then the good times seem even more beautiful!

Think about it! The more you reflect the more it will make sense to you.Come register yourself in the given form. You will then be provided access to the profiles of prospective brides and grooms who like you are searching for understanding, love and support.

The moment we have an appropriate match we can bring you together. Then the various aspects of your prospective future together could be discussed with your Doctor and whether a lifelong partnership is feasible.

Who knows life will suddenly seem better and joyous!

Life may become Kennisha….

Eligible for marriage but have a rheumatic disease?