Kennisha’s Super-Modern Diagnostic Powers


  • Kennisha’s inhouse pathology laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for analysis of blood samples.
  • Most of Kennisha’s equipment is from “Transasia Biomedicals Private India Limited”, the largest pathology equipment manufacturing company in India. Our blood tests results are remarkably accurate, with an excellent specificity.
  • Dr. Neelu K. Bhojani, who is Kennisha’s full-time Pathologist and administrator is personally available in the laboratory from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. She personally supervises all the laboratory processes and approves all the blood reports herself.
  • All blood test reports are all counter-initialed by the Rheumatologists before being handed over to the patients. This double-check minimises any possibility of error.
  • In case of abnormal values, the blood samples are processed again to reconfirm the results.
    Serum samples of the patients are preserved in the laboratory refrigerator for a week in accordance with the NABL guidelines.
  • All the machines are integrated with the computers through an excellent Laboratory Information System and directly linked to the computers of the Rheumatologists, Dr Kaushik S. Bhojani and Dr Shubhada Kalke This enables a seamless transfer of all the blood test reports to the respective folders of the patients.
  • Abnormal test results, along with appropriate advice/prescription, are quickly communicated to the patient by telephone or email, depending on the patient’s stated preference. When a patient does not have email facilities, the results are couriered.


Kennisha is proud to be possibly the first private laboratory in India to acquire MAGO 4, the Ultramodern Analyzer.
The MAGO 4 is capable of processing practically every auto antibody under the sun by both ELISA as well as by Immunofluoresence.   Additionally, very special tests such as Thyroid hormones, Vitamin D, ACPA or CCP (Anti cyclic-citrullinated Peptide) can be estimated by this powerful machine.




Kennisha is equipped with excellent digital X-ray capabilities. Super-high quality images are secured through a machine no less than the AGFA CR 30 X.   Images are seen on the spot by the clinicians in the X-ray room on the computer itself and magnified to enable better diagnosis. Final X-ray prints are taken only AFTER the image quality has been deemed satisfactory. Suboptimal images are never printed.  The biggest advantage to our patients is that appropriate treatment is initiated immediately, so you don’t need to go somewhere else and come back another time with X-ray images which may or may not be optimal as desired by the clinician.   Once again, as in the case of the pathology reports, copies of all the X rays are transferred to the computers of the Rheumatologists in the respective patient folders and stored for future reference.

Agfa CR 30 X

Kennisha does ALL the important tests in-house, as you wait,
and we make the quality and accuracy of the tests our top priority.

All our machines are linked to our computer system, 
so all your reports are automatically transferred to the doctors
and then stored with precision and safety.