Kennisha’s Clinical Research in Rheumatology

Being 1 of only 5 EXCLUSIVE Rheumatology treatment centers in all of India, we are determined to raise the bar and take the standard of Rheumatology care in India to the next level. This calls for a revolution in the diagnosis, treatment and management of the diseases. It cannot happen if the traditional practices are maintained.  There is always scope of improvement even in the way the currently available medicines are being administered. There is a possibility of using different doses or even newer combinations of currently available drugs in order to achieve better control of these diseases. And of course the usual interpretation of research is to look for newer treatment options for rheumatic diseases by way of clinical trials of newer drugs in Rheumatic diseases.

At Kennisha we do both of the above:

  • We participate in National and Multi-National Clinical trials with the aim of contributing to medical science with the idea of finding newer avenues to treat morbid Rheumatic diseases. This benefits many of our patients.
  • We also study disease trends in our patients and pattern of evolution of diseases in Indians and the response of the conventional drugs in our populations. Indians are genetically different from Caucasians and it is possible in all likelihood that rheumatic diseases in our patients behave differently. It is also likely that our people respond differently to the same drugs. With this specific reason in mind, we customised a advanced  “online medical record system” (Electronic medical records) and our own laboratory so that blood reports are standardized.

We also conduct comprehensive in-house, independent, original, non-funded research, according to custom-designed protocols, to ascertain  how we can treat our patients more efficaciously. However the limiting factor here is funding and hence such studies are small in number depending on resources available.

Dr Kaushik Bhojani and Dr Shubhada Kalke have presented three landmark studies at the Indian Rheumatology Association Conference. Two presentations were made in 2012, in Vellore, and one in 2014, in Chandigarh.

In case you wish to participate or contribute to or support the cause of advancing the understanding and treatment of rheumatology, do contact us by telephone or email and we will respond to you as soon as we can.